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David Chadwick Fire for Effect
© David Chadwick
Paintings for Sale
All paintings are for sale, except those marked with a red dot. I have included sizes in the description, the media used and the base (canvas, board, paper. Paintings are unframed, but I can provide a frame at cost price - we have a framing company just down the road, and a backup who probably give better prices. We probably need short dialogue to decide on the type of frame required and for me to quote a price. You probably noticed that I haven’t attached prices to the paintings themselves. That is also negotiable. The problem is striking a balance between overcharging you and under-selling myself.
Cards Custom made cards can be made from any of the paintings, or cartoons. Custom made means you can create your own text content, add an address or incorporate a family photo. I would like to produce them in packs of 10 and they would come in a cellophane wrapper and envelope. I can make them in two sizes - 52 x 67mm or 57 x 57mm
Professional Quality Prints. I can print professional quality reproductions of paintings up to A3+ in size, using an Epson SureColor P600 printer. It uses 9 pigmented inks and will print on a variety of archival quality papers (or printable canvas to achieve a canvas like textured effect. (archival quality means that they will outlast you without fading) Prints will be mounted, titled and signed in pencil.
Price for cards Set of 10, either size - 10.00 Custom design - 15.00
Signed prints - A3 format mounted and packaged 20.00 each
I won’t send framed prints by post or courier As the glass wouldn’t survive the journey
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Customised cards.


Paintings individually priced. $0.00



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Paintings for Sale

Paintings are all individually priced. We can supply the painting by itself, or arrange for it to be framed in a frame of your choice - which we would quote at the framers price. $0.00