Santana - Transcendence This is a special  track from Santana’s Moonflower album.
David Chadwick Fire for Effect
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Keith Jarrett - Danny Boy Played at the Tokyo Concert - a  very moving rendition of a  popular song.
Santana - Smooth With Rob Thomas This track has over 200 million views on Youtube
Music that inspires me. Youtube links. Forgive the adverts. Working on removing those. This is what I listen to mostly when I am painting or writing. Jan says I only listen to the Bladerunner sound track, though. No particular order for preferences.
Saint-Saens - Jarvi Saint-Saens Symphony No3 in C minor. Op78  Jarvi conducting at the Proms Also known as the music for ‘Babe’. Absolutely fabulous.  The conductor and the orchestra all know they have nailed it. The enjoyment is palpable. Saint-Saens himself said ‘I gave everything I have to give. What I have here accomplished I will never achieve again’. Bladerunner The ultimate movie and sound track by Vangelis. Years ahead of its time and still  the best. Best of the best - Memories of Green, Bladerunner blues, Rachel’s song - and, of course, Rutger Hauers closing monologue Gary Moore - Parisian Walkways This is an incredible track - one of the best guitar pieces you will ever come across. How come he never made the ‘Rolling Stone’ list of great guitarists. Plonkers, all of them Hiromi Uehara - I’ve Got Rhythm Bet you’ve never heard Gershwin played like this?  Listen out for snippet from ‘Rhapsody in Blue’.  For a contrast, listen to ‘Place to be’ here, as well. Hiromi Uehara - Place to Be This was recorded a week after her mentor died, and was a tribute to him - a very emotional performance. The Allman Brothers Band - Whipping Post A great 1970s track from a fabulous blues band. Dwayne Allman unfortunately died young - in his twenties - but he was the preferred accompanist to noted Blues singers at that time. Keith Jarrett - Koln Concert. Part 1 Probably the best known concert.  My favourite section is Part 1V.  But it’s all brilliant. Sorry for the accompaying video which doesn’t show Keith, but the picture here captures him in a very familiar pose.
Brahms Horn Trio Finale - Opus 40 This changed my impression of Brahms as a composer. Absolutely crazy and wonderful. The pianist is Roderick, my son.