Girl and Bambi, Barcelona            A nice colourful image and an interesting contrast with the other female in the picture. Kids on a bike Georgetonw, Penang. I just love the colour, the composition and the fun the kids are having. I Love London Is this a Banksy? Found it 18 inches high in a doorway on Broad Street.
David Chadwick Fire for Effect
© David Chadwick

Gallery Street art

Santa in Bristol with cigar and AK47
Amstrerdam Graffiti. JPEG
This is stuff I have collected in my travels. I didn’t create any of the images butselected them as composite images, except in the few cases indicated. The combination of images, graffiti and other items have created some powerful scenes.
Fabulous composition, colour and emotion. The Magic Gardens Philadelphia - must visit Girl with Bambi I Love London Lady in Red Lady in Red On a wall in Bristol. Next time I looked it had been painted over. Don’t know the artist but delighted to have captured it. Magic Gardens - Philadelphia. A fabulous grotto of broken tiles, glass bottles, dolls, bicycle wheels and anything else you could throw together to create a wonderful spectacle. Spent 2 hours here and took loads of photos. Santa smoking a cigar and toting an AK47. depends how you feel about Christmas.  Could you send this out as a Christmas Card? Suggested caption, ‘Have a spliffing Christmas’. An iconic Amsterdam image. I turned it into a poster. Bikes aresynonymous with the city and the ‘City of Dreams’ reflects the city’s ambivalnce to hash. Bought some cannabis cookies here for a relative with MS - shame they aren’t available here as they are a great help for many people who suffer a lot of pain. home home Composition with wooden bookcase The first street art photo I took was this which I found on the wall above the Rambla market in Barcolona. The combination of a bit of furniture stuck to a wall, an embedded beam and ad hoc painting creates a powerful abstract image. The magician Dali Dali in Bristol  I think this is one of best images of Salvador Dali that you will come across - it captures his essence perfectly, and makes a striking portrait. Cafe close to Magic Gardens Visit the Magic Gardens, created by Isiah Sagar Click here Magic Gardens